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Pablo Picasso's Iconic 'Femme à la Montre' to Grace Dubai Exhibition

Pablo Picasso's Femme a la Montre in Dubai
Pablo Picasso's Priceless Masterpiece Arrives in Dubai

For the very first time, an exceptional masterpiece by the renowned artist Pablo Picasso is set to grace the city of Dubai. Sotheby's, a prestigious fine art auction house from New York, is bringing "Femme a la Montre" to the UAE this month. This extraordinary artwork is estimated to hold a staggering value exceeding $120 million.

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Dubai's Artistic Marvel

Pablo Picasso's renowned artwork, "Femme a la Montre," worth over $120 million, graces Dubai for the first time.

A Glimpse into History

Discover the captivating journey of this masterpiece, previously owned by art collector Emily Fisher Landau.

A Bold Collector's Move

Learn how Landau's bold decision marked the beginning of her remarkable art collection journey.

Marie-Therese Walter: The Golden Muse Explore how Picasso's iconic painting celebrates Marie-Therese Walter, the inspiration behind many of his brilliant portraits.

A Work of Importance

Uncover the significance of "Femme a la Montre," created in 1932, a year that earned an entire Tate Modern exhibition.

Dubai's Art Lovers Rejoice

Find out where and when you can witness this artistic treasure in Dubai.

Global Tour of Masterpieces

Learn about the world tour of The Emily Fisher Landau Collection, featuring over 120 artworks.

Priceless Art in the Limelight

Discover why experts anticipate "Femme a la Montre" to fetch over $120 million when it goes up for auction.

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By: Vibha Kapoor