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WHO urges cancelling some holiday events over Omicron fears

1 month ago 67

The World Health Organization has urged people to cancel some of their holiday plans to protect public health as the Omicron variant spreads globally. "An event cancelled is better than a life cancelled," said WHO head Dr Tedros Adhanom

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What Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina Looks Like?

2 months   ago 73

The gorgeous architecture, jaw-dropping centers, and attractions strongly ingrained in the Arab culture are enough to keep you occupied for the duration of your stay. The seven 'pillars' or Emirates of the UAE are two of the most popular.

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Best tourist attractions in Dubai

6 months   ago 168
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5 Elements for Choosing your Translation Company in Dubai

7 months   ago 595

If you have a project or company, then you know the importance of getting professional translation services especially if you are dealing with many nationalities. Working with a transl

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Microsoft stops making Xbox One consoles

4 days   ago 43

The software giant had launched two models of its Xbox Series X in November 2020, seven years after the debut of the previous version, to capture a pandemic-driven boom in consumer spending on games. However, several industries across the world

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6 Benefits of Baking and What To Expect From Baking Classes

11 months   ago 2266

If you are interested in culinary arts, taking baking and cooking classes can improve your knowledge and skills. You’ll get to see food differently, discover new recipes, and learn fundamental abilities. You will also figure your way around

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Most Expensive Restaurant in Dubai

2 years   ago 1594
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How to Build a Luggage Collection That Works for You

11 months   ago 1926

If you are looking to purchase new luggage bags online in the UAE, you want to make sure you are thoroughly considering your options. Keep reading to learn how to build a luggage collection that works fo

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