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Why Dubai Garden Glow is a hit with adults too?

1 week ago 64

Action and adventure for young adults What’s the fun in doing the same old thing over and again, like hitting the mall and watching a movie or meeting up at a restaurant and shooting the breeze? Do something different, something where you

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What to Know When Travelling to a Muslim Country During

2 years   ago 598

Ramadan is a special time for Muslims around the world. Tourists travelling to a Muslim country during this holy month of fasting will be presented with a unique opportunity to observe and experience distinctive scenes, customs, and traditions.

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Adolescent mental health requires urgent attention

1 month ago 84

In a closing note to the campaign, child experts have warned that though parents need to be extremely vigilant around kids. The lives of three young girls, all under the age of 19, were lost to suspected suici

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Establishment of modern Dubai

2 months   ago 315
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