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Navigating Indian Passport Renewal: A Guide for UAE Expats

Indian passport renewal
Indian passport renewal


The United Arab Emirates, known as a 'melting pot of cultures,' hosts a substantial expatriate population, with the Indian community comprising 30% of the residents. As the need to renew Indian passports arises, understanding the process is crucial. Here's an in-depth guide on the documents required, fees, and expedited services for a seamless renewal experience.


In the multicultural landscape of the UAE, the Indian expatriate community stands out as the largest, contributing significantly to the nation's diversity. Comprising 30% of the population, the community plays a vital role in the country's vibrant tapestry.


For Indian expatriates in the UAE, renewing passports is a common query. Khaleej Times has compiled a comprehensive guide to streamline the passport renewal process, ensuring that the Indian diaspora is well-informed about the necessary steps and requirements.


**Documents Required for Indian Passport Renewal:**


1. **Filled Online Passport Application Form:** Access the form at [](

2. **Recent Passport Photos:** Provide two recent clear photos (51mm x 51mm) with a white background and dark clothing. Ensure that the photos are not older than three months, with eyes open and the face clearly visible.

3. **Current Original Passport:** Submit the current original passport along with any additional booklets.

4. **Photocopy of Passport Pages:** Include clear photocopies of the first, last, and address pages of the passport. Additionally, provide copies of any endorsement pages, a valid UAE visa page, and any extra booklets.

5. **Signatures in Black Ink:** All signatures in the application form should be in black ink and signed in the presence of BLS International Services Customer Service Officer.

6. **In-Person Submission:** All applicants, including minors and newborns, should submit the application in person for identification.


**Fees for Passport Renewal:**


- For adults (36 pages booklet): Dh285

- For adults (60 pages jumbo booklet): Dh380

- Tatkal Service (36 pages booklet): Dh855

- Tatkal Service (60 pages jumbo booklet): Dh950

- Service Charge: Dh9

- Indian Community Welfare Fund: Dh8


**Tatkal Services (Urgent):**


In case of emergencies, applicants have the option to utilize the 'Tatkal scheme' for expedited passport issuance. By visiting the Consulate and paying an additional fee, individuals can secure a same-day passport renewal.


**Navigating the Renewal Process:**


Understanding the renewal process is essential for a smooth experience. Initiating the process by filling out the online application form, applicants must ensure all required documents, including recent photos and photocopies, are prepared.


The significance of in-person submission cannot be overstated, as all applicants, regardless of age, are required to submit their applications in person. This step is crucial for identification purposes.


For those seeking expedited services under the Tatkal scheme due to emergencies, a visit to the Consulate and payment of additional fees can facilitate same-day passport issuance.




As the largest expatriate community in the UAE, the Indian diaspora plays a crucial role in the nation's cultural mosaic. Renewing passports is a standard procedure, and being well-informed about the necessary documents, fees, and expedited services ensures a hassle-free renewal experience. This comprehensive guide empowers Indian expatriates to navigate the passport renewal process with confidence, contributing to the seamless integration of the vibrant Indian community in the UAE.

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By- Sahiba Suri

By: Sahiba Suri