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Dubai Police have commended the rapid response of Enoc employees who extinguished a fire on a lorry

Dubai fuel station
Dubai Fuel Station Workers Honored for Heroic Fire Response

Workers at an Enoc fuel station in Dubai receive accolades from the police for their courageous actions in extinguishing a vehicle fire. A dramatic surveillance video captures the intense moments.

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Swift Response: The workers swiftly react as a tempo truck enters the station with flames near its left tire. They rush to the scene with fire extinguishers, preventing a potential disaster.

Police Recognition: Dubai Police visited the brave employees, commending their professionalism in handling the incident. Certificates are presented to the workers as a token of appreciation.

Gratitude: The workers express their gratitude to the Dubai Police for the recognition, filling them with pride and joy.Quick thinking and bravery by fuel station workers avert a major incident, emphasizing the importance of preparedness in emergency situations.

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 /  Source: khaleejtimes