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Frozen in Time: Woman Finds 1968 Wedding Cake in Freezer

Vintage wedding cake discovery
Vintage wedding cake discovery

A British Columbia woman, Rochelle Marr, made a surprising discovery during a recent deep clean of her freezer—a tier of cake from her 1968 wedding. Preserved in the freezer for 55 years, the fruitcake was forgotten until Rochelle stumbled upon it. Intriguingly, the cake had a note saying, "Do not open until 2018." Rochelle's original plan was to enjoy the cake on her 50th anniversary with her husband, Brian Marr, but the plan was forgotten, and sadly, Brian passed away in June 2023.

Upon finding the cake, Rochelle's son, Travis, encouraged her to unwrap it. They removed the decades-old aluminum foil and thawed the cake, revealing that it had surprisingly held up well. Rochelle mentioned that it looked good and smelled delicious. Despite concerns about the cake's safety, Travis, a fruitcake enthusiast, expressed confidence in its edibility, citing examples of aged fruitcakes up to 161 years old. A food safety expert confirmed that the cake's high alcohol, sugar, and fat content, along with long-term freezing, likely prevented microbial growth.

With the cake still intact, Rochelle plans to fulfill her long-ago promise and enjoy the vintage treat with Travis, his siblings, and their families during their next gathering. In a poignant turn of events, the discovery of the wedding cake has become a heartwarming opportunity for Rochelle to share a nostalgic moment with her family, celebrating love and memories from over five decades ago.
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By- Sahiba Suri

By: Sahiba Suri