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Dubai Scores Biggest Electricity Savings On Earth Day Since 2008


Dubai breaks a whole new record for sustainability this year! With a record savings of 329 megawatts (MW) in electricity consumption in the Emirate during Earth Hour yesterday, and a reduction of 132 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, this year’s savings are a whopping 13% higher than that of last year’s 291 MW savings.

This achievement is very significant to the emirate as it’s the biggest since 2008, which is when Dubai first participated in Earth Hour. Dubai residents were amongst millions worldwide who displayed solidarity with the aim to reduce climate change by going completely lights out from 8:30-9:30 PM, yesterday Saturday the 26th of March. To further encourage the public, Dubai’s government, various landmarks, and even private buildings participated by switching off their lights for an hour.

 “Shape Our Future”

This year’s Earth Hour theme was “Shape Our Future” with the aim of emphasizing the impact of climate change on our futures and to encourage taking action on the issue.

Every year on March 26, people around the planet are encouraged to take a break, turn off their electric devices and switching off their lights at home as an act of support for conservation of energy – World Earth Hour.

The lights-out movement has become the world’s largest in raising awareness about the issues surrounding climate change and energy conservation in order to create a better more sustainable future for generations to come.

Source: Lovin Dubai


By: Nidhul