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Emirates Is Going Above And Beyond For Passengers During Ramadan

The first day of Ramadan is drawing near (no official word yet, but neighbouring Oman has announced Thursday as the start date).

And while restaurants and hotels are busy preparing traditional iftar and suhoor, Dubai based Emirates is going all out to ensure guests observing Ramadan have a comfortable journey.

A traditional iftar meal will be served at sunset according to location AND Ramadan programming will be available for selected flights.

Traditional iftar boxes will be served up designed by homeware specialists Silsal Design House - how fancy is that! The same group also created bespoke Emirates Arabic Coffee Cups available at the Emirates Official Stores.


Feel at home when you fly Emirates during Ramadan, with our newly-designed iftar meal boxes on select flights and special programmes on ice. https://t.co/7WWKDfxpar pic.twitter.com/iP1n7sXOkV

— Emirates Airline (@emirates) May 15, 2018

The signature Ramadan service begins on May 17 and the special meals will be available to passengers across all cabin classes on select Emirates flights that coincide with iftar times. 

"Feel at home when you fly Emirates during Ramadan"



Emirates will calculate the correct time to begin fasting while in-flight

The captain inform the plane of the beginning of iftar.

By: Casey Fitzgerald | Lovin Dubai  /  Source: Lovin Dubai | Casey Fitzgerald