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UAE Pass Revolution: Digital Stamps for Licenses

UAE Pass digital stamps for licenses
UAE Pass digital stamps for licenses

The Ministry of Interior has introduced a significant advancement in its services by activating the digital stamp feature for vehicle and driver licensing services through the digital identity platform, UAE Pass. Brigadier Engineer Hussein Al Harithi, the Director-General of Smart Services and Digital Security at the ministry, highlighted that this move is in line with the leadership's directives to enhance government services and improve customer experiences.


The implementation of the digital stamp feature allows the ministry to digitally approve license certificates for both vehicles and drivers, streamlining processes and eliminating the need for customers to visit physical service centers. This initiative aligns with the broader vision of embracing digital transformation to simplify procedures, enhance safety and security measures, and ultimately save time and effort for customers.


Brigadier Al Harithi emphasized the significance of the digital stamp, noting that it provides a reliable and digitally signed document that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This not only ensures the validity of the document but also contributes to the continuous provision of reliable and integrated digital government services, ensuring an exceptional customer experience.


As part of its commitment to establishing an advanced digital infrastructure, the ministry plans to introduce future rollouts of services utilizing the digital stamp feature. This proactive approach aims to further simplify various procedures, making them more accessible, secure, and efficient for customers.


The introduction of the digital stamp for vehicle and driver licensing services reflects the ministry's dedication to leveraging technology to meet the evolving needs of the community. By investing in advanced technologies and adapting them to various tasks, the ministry aims to ensure business continuity while delivering high-quality services to the public.


In summary, the activation of the digital stamp feature represents a significant step towards modernizing government services in the UAE, emphasizing efficiency, accessibility, and customer satisfaction. The ministry's commitment to ongoing digital initiatives reinforces its position as a pioneer in utilizing technology to enhance the overall service delivery experience for citizens and residents.

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By- Sahiba Suri

By: Sahiba Suri