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2 months Baby survives deadly Ebola virus disease in Democratic Republic of Congo country

Ebola virus disease survive
A baby on DRC survived deadly Ebola virus disease.

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An infant from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) became a medical miracle and a symbol of the deadly Ebola virus, only six days after baby survived the epidemic, according to the country's health officials.

Her mother, Benedict, was infected with Ebola, died during her birth and the epidemic moved to the girl child, which became known as the "penny Miracle" after the recovery.

Soon after the virus showed signs, it took nearly five-week round-the-clock treatment to keep the baby alive.

"Her father Thomas was very panicked hearing this new," said a spokeswoman for the DRC's BBC. The survived baby was his first child."


Ebola is becoming a plague and a fatal infection in Africa, causing severe fever, vomiting, diarrhoea and internal and external bleeding.

Survival is known to be weak and almost half of the infected die, children are more vulnerable and their chances of survival are lower.

Youngest patient to survive ever of this deadly Ebola virus disease

During this outbreak, there were 27 cases of Ebola in the DRC under the age of 1, among which 21 died. Surviving stories like this remain rare.

The baby was born on 31 October October 2018 and received treatment and care at the Ebola treatment center in the city of Penny, which was the most affected by the outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Because she is the youngest infected with the epidemic, she has received great attention from doctors and volunteers there. The girl became known as the "Penny Miracle".

By: Staff writer  /  Source: BBC