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Fishy... Mercedes-Benz unveils an Avatar-themed concept car - and it has scales on the body!

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Mercedes-Benz has just pulled the wraps off of a wild new concept car that was inspired by the 2009 movie Avatar called — what else? — the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR...Image Credit: Supplied

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Designed with help from Avatar director James Cameron, this car is not the sequel that Cameron has promised. Instead, the AVTR concept car is a mix of everything that the Consumer Electronics Show is known for: outlandish styling, far-off future tech, and a tie-in with a major entertainment property. Oh, and it has scales!Image Credit: Supplied

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That's right - the full rear end of the AVTR is covered in 33 discrete scales. Mercedes-Benz calls them, “bionic flaps” and they could be used to communicate with people outside the car... It also has special spherical wheels that Mercedes-Benz says were inspired by the “seeds of the Tree of Souls” from 2009’s Avatar. These wheels can rotate so that the AVTR can move sideways, or even diagonally.Image Credit: Supplied

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Like all concept cars, the Vision AVTR is meant to tease out what it will be like to ride in a car of the future. And while the inside of the car is relatively sparse, Mercedes-Benz has a lot of ideas about what might be possible inside something like the AVTR.Image Credit: Supplied

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The car draws from the hit movie's key plot points such as the connection between man, machine, and nature, as well as the dream of a society where the trio lives together in perfect symbiosis.Image Credit: Supplied

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The Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR concept (short for, Advanced Vehicle Transformation).Image Credit: Supplied

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It doesn't have a steering wheel! Since this futuristic car is autonomous, there’s no need for one. Instead, passengers interact with the car through an oval-shaped controller that accordions up and out of the center console to meet your hand...Image Credit: Supplied

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Once your hand is on the controller, it (and the seats) can vibrate along with the pace of your breathing and heart rate - an example of how man and machine might literally merge...Image Credit: Supplied

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