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Yellow alert issued for dust; rain may hit some areas this afternoon

UAE temperature
UAE temperature

Dust has prompted a yellow alert, and rain is possible later today in some regions.
Dubai and Abu Dhabi could see temperatures of 43 degrees Celsius.

Because dusty conditions may reduce visibility, residents of certain areas of Abu Dhabi are asked to exercise extreme caution when venturing out.

Residents of Al Ruwais, Al Mirfa, Habshan, Sila, and portions of Liwa are being warned of dust by the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), which has issued a yellow alert for those areas.

The weather advisory was issued at 9.30 am, and the haze is predicted to last until 4 pm. The impacted regions are shown on this map:

Drivers should exercise extreme caution and refrain from distractions in the face of low visibility, according to the Abu Dhabi Police.

The Meteorological Department has predicted a fair to partly cloudy day for the majority of UAE residents, with the possibility of rain in the afternoon for a small percentage.

According to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), there is a chance of cumulus clouds forming and a little rain moving eastward.

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At times, the country may experience dusty weather due to winds ranging from 10 to 20 kmph up to 35 kmph.

You can expect mild to moderate waves in the Arabian Gulf and very small waves in the Sea of Oman.

In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the temperature might reach 43 degrees Celsius.

By: Sahiba Suri