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Sonam Kalra: Music, Culture, and Authenticity

Sonam Kalra India By The Creek
Sonam Kalra India By The Creek

Award-winning singer and composer Sonam Kalra shares her insights on music, culture, and truth ahead of her performance at India By The Creek festival in Dubai.

Sonam Kalra, known for blending Indian and Western musical traditions, discusses the importance of cultural exchange through music and her upcoming performance at India By The Creek festival.

Sonam Kalra reflects on her upbringing, influences, and musical journey, emphasizing the significance of authenticity and finding one's truth as an artist.

Sonam Kalra shares her thoughts on the current music landscape, expressing a desire for more originality and authenticity amidst the trend of cover songs and viral content.

Sonam Kalra discusses the impact of social media on music creation and consumption, encouraging aspiring artists to prioritize originality and authenticity in their work.

In an age dominated by social media and trending content, Sonam Kalra advocates for originality and authenticity in music creation, highlighting the importance of carving out a unique path as an artist.

By: Sahiba Suri