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Petrol, diesel prices for June 2024 announced

UAE fuel prices
UAE fuel prices

The UAE fuel price committee has announced the petrol and diesel prices for June 2024. Effective from June 1, the new rates are as follows:

- Super 98 petrol: Dh3.14 per litre (compared to Dh3.34 in May)
- Special 95 petrol: Dh3.02 per litre (compared to Dh3.22 in May)
- E-Plus 91 petrol: Dh2.95 per litre (compared to Dh3.15 in May)
- Diesel: Dh2.88 per litre (compared to Dh3.07 in May)

These adjustments reflect changes in global oil prices and aim to provide transparency to consumers regarding fuel costs. It's essential for motorists to stay informed about these updates to plan their expenses accordingly.

By: Sahiba Suri