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In his address at the UN General Assembly, US President Joe Biden celebrated Middle Eastern partners

President Joe Biden, G20 Summit
President Biden highlights groundbreaking achievements at the G20 Summit

President Joe Biden praised significant accomplishments at the G20 Summit, including the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor and the admission of the African Union to the G20. Let's explore these groundbreaking developments.

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The India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC): Discover how the IMEC, jointly announced by key nations, aims to create enhanced connectivity and economic integration between Asia, the Arabian Gulf, and Europe. It's considered an alternative to China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

IMEC's Impact: Learn how the IMEC comprises two corridors and a railway system, providing efficient cross-border transit networks for goods and services. It's set to boost investment opportunities across continents.

African Union Joins G20: Explore the historic moment when the African Union became a permanent member of the G20, enhancing the Global South's representation on the world stage.

Biden's Vision for the UN: President Biden reiterated the United States' commitment to reforming the UN Security Council, advocating for expansion in both permanent and non-permanent members. He emphasized the need for a more connected and inclusive world.

Conclusion: The G20 Summit marked several significant milestones, from economic corridors to global representation. These achievements signal a collaborative approach to addressing global challenges.

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By: Vibha Kapoor