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How residents 'devoured' Dubai's food festival

Dubai Food Festival
Dubai Food Festival

Residents of Dubai 'devoured' the Dh10 dish and chef's menu at the city's culinary carnival.
Eating establishments of all kinds, from pop-ups to those with Michelin stars, can use it as a stage to present their finest meals to customers.

Residents of the United Arab Emirates rushed to enjoy the final weekend of the Dubai Food Festival (DFF) because of the unique chef's menus and the delicious dishes available for just Dh10.

The DFF gave 13-year-old student Aydin Gayaz the opportunity to finally check out a restaurant that had been on his wish list for quite some time. "I went to Konjiki with my family," he explained. I had high hopes for the cuisine after hearing my mother rave about it. Indeed, I was correct. Eating there was an absolute delight.

The beef tataki dish, which cost Dh10, was Aydin's favorite dish of the evening. What a mouthwatering experience, he exclaimed. "The beef tataki was among the best I have had so far, but I also enjoyed the truffle mushroom claypot rice and the salmon tataki, both of which were priced at Dh10."

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By collaborating with hotels, restaurants, and other food and beverage businesses, DFF organizes a wide range of activations, special menus, events, contests, and promotions that highlight the many culinary gems in Dubai. It gives restaurants of all kinds, from those with Michelin stars to those that are just popping up, a chance to show off their finest food to customers.

Detox menu
Anthony, a Lebanese expat who has worked as an engineer in the emirate for five years, says that the festival has been a wonderful opportunity to try new cuisines.

A minimum of twice weekly, he and his friends have been going to a new restaurant, he announced. Once a week, we meet up at a park or beach, but lately, we've been trying out different restaurants to see what they have to offer. Since we live nearby, we have also eaten at the E&B cafeteria on occasion. Also, at Tresind, we gave the Chef's Menu a go. From the moment the Michelin guide was announced, I wanted to visit this restaurant. It was this year that we finally got to it.

The Dh10 dish was Anthony's favorite, he claims. "I really like that feature," he exclaimed. A lot of foods that you might not have tried otherwise are on the menu. My sister and I intend to sample a variety of dishes in Karama on our last day by going on a Dh10 food trail.

The Menu Put Out By The Chef
This year, DFF debuted the Chef's Menu, a concept wherein the executive chefs of various fine dining establishments selected their most beloved dishes to design a unique menu.

From May 1st to the 12th, diners could choose from menus that featured three chef-selected courses. Guests can also mingle with the master chefs from each restaurant and learn about their techniques and techniques. The campaign included a number of renowned chefs from the city, such as Rahul Rana of Avatara, Damien Duviau of Nobu Dubai, and Alvin Leung of Demon Duck.

A Foodie Experiences campaign was also on display at the festival. The campaign provided a diverse range of dining out experiences to the people of Dubai, including an immersive dinner party at 11 Woodfire and culinary tours of Karama and Deira.

By: Sahiba Suri