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Future of Healthcare: Dr. Jepsen's Bold Tech Vision

Healthcare Revolution with Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen
Healthcare Revolution with Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen



A groundbreaking technology combining infrared lights and Moore’s Law could potentially replace drugs in treating 90% of diseases, as per Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen, CEO of OpenWater. This startup, specializing in holographic, infrared body scanning, envisions a future where software becomes a primary form of treatment, potentially eliminating the need for hospitals.


Speaking at the Dubai Future Forum, Dr. Jepsen highlighted the transformative potential of shrinking this technology to fit into smartphones within the next decade. The implications are profound, challenging conventional approaches to disease and cure.


This revolutionary approach relies on semiconductors and super electronics, harnessing the power of 250,000 lasers in smartphones. Over five years of dedicated work has led to shrinking the technology from the size of a room and a million-dollar cost to a diode that can be mass-produced.


Clinical trials have yielded promising results. The wearable technology successfully detected strokes within 10 hours, showcasing its potential for timely intervention. In cases of depression, patients experienced significant improvement, with two-thirds entering remission after just 10 minutes of therapy using Openwater's headset. Glioblastoma, a formidable cancer, also showed positive responses to the treatment.


The technology's cost-effectiveness is a significant advantage, with OpenWater reducing trial costs by up to 10 times through collaborative safety data sharing.


Dr. Jepsen, a brain cancer survivor and renowned figure in technology, co-founded the One Laptop per Child movement, defying skeptics and shipping millions of affordable laptops globally. Her journey includes roles at Google X, Facebook, and Oculus VR. Seven years ago, she founded OpenWater, aiming to make healthcare more accessible.


Optimistic about finding UAE partners to advance her device to production, Dr. Jepsen believes the seemingly impossible can become a reality, especially in a space dedicated to shaping the future like the Museum of the Future.

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By- Sahiba Suri

By: Sahiba Suri