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Family of teen trapped in Gaza ask UK to help them reunite

Gaza Teen UK Entry Plea
Gaza Teen UK Entry Plea


The family of a Palestinian teenager trapped in Gaza is urging the British government to permit his entry into the UK after officials ceased their opposition to his urgent legal challenge at the last minute.

The 18-year-old, identified as BSO for legal reasons, was contesting the refusal of the UK's Foreign Office to include him on an evacuation list, which would have enabled his departure from Gaza through the Rafah crossing into Egypt. He also challenged the decision of the UK's Home Office to deny entry clearance without fresh biometric data, which could only be obtained in Egypt.

BSO's parents were in Britain visiting their other children when the Israel-Hamas conflict erupted, leaving BSO stranded in Gaza.

Both government departments had initially contested the case but withdrew their opposition shortly before a hearing at London's High Court on Wednesday and agreed to reconsider the decisions.

One of BSO's brothers, who remains unnamed to protect BSO's identity, expressed relief but continued anxiety, noting the lack of empathy from officials who focused on bureaucratic technicalities.

BSO's brother revealed that BSO had been briefly homeless and is currently sheltering in Rafah, where the threat of a new Israeli ground assault looms.

Despite the positive development, the Foreign Office and the Home Office have yet to respond to requests for comment.

By: Sahiba Suri