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Dubai Police Recognize Safe Drivers in Successful Initiative

Dubai Safe Driving
Dubai Safe Driving


The Dubai Police are applauding their exemplary drivers with a program called "Safe Driving Stars." This initiative honors officers who have maintained a perfect driving record for the past three years, free of any accidents or traffic violations.

The program goes beyond recognizing individual achievement. It has resulted in significant cost savings for the police department. Colonel Samira Abdullah Al Ali, director of the Insurance Department, reports a Dh24 million reduction in government spending on vehicle repairs and insurance due to the safer driving practices.

But the benefits extend far beyond finances. Safe Driving Stars has demonstrably improved emergency response times. With fewer accidents involving police vehicles, officers are able to reach emergencies an average of 30 seconds faster. This translates to quicker assistance for those in need.

The program's reach isn't limited to law enforcement. Safe Driving Stars will ultimately recognize over 100 individuals, including civilians, across three categories. This wider recognition aims to cultivate a culture of safe driving throughout Dubai.

"The Safe Driving Stars initiative is one of the most prominent efforts to promote traffic safety and responsible driving habits," explains Abdul Quddus Abdul Razzaq Al Obaidly, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Excellence and Pioneering Affairs. "By educating drivers on best practices, we aim to significantly reduce traffic accidents."

This initiative by the Dubai Police serves as a model for other organizations and communities. Recognizing and rewarding safe driving behavior can lead to a safer and more efficient transportation system for everyone.

By: Sahiba Suri