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Abu Dhabi's Ethmar International Holding Acquires Ownership Stake in Al Ain Pharmacy

Al Ain Pharmacy Group, Ethmar International Holding
EIH Expands Healthcare Investments with Al Ain Pharmacy Group Stake Acquisition

EIH Ethmar International Holding PJSC, a company based in Abu Dhabi, has made a significant move by acquiring a stake in the renowned Al Ain Pharmacy Group, marking the first investment by "Health Plus Holding," EIH's healthcare investment subsidiary. This strategic decision aligns with EIH's vision to enhance its presence in the healthcare sector.

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Diversifying in Healthcare:

Al Ain Pharmacy Group has been a prominent player in the UAE's pharmaceutical sector for over four decades, boasting a widespread network and excellent health services. This acquisition reinforces EIH's commitment to expanding its footprint in the healthcare industry.

EIH's CEO Speaks:

Ali Elgebely, the Managing Director and Group CEO of EIH, emphasized the importance of diversifying investments and providing sustainable value to investors. "Health Plus Holding" will focus on healthcare sector investments, including pharmacies, hospitals, medical centers, and various healthcare facilities.

Empowering Growth:

Dr. Ziad Amir Saleh, CEO of Al Ain Pharmacy Group, expressed excitement about the partnership with EIH. He highlighted the potential for growth and development, enabling them to offer more comprehensive healthcare services to customers and play an even more significant role in the UAE's healthcare landscape.

Economic Contribution:

EIH's strategic investment in Al Ain Pharmacy Group underscores its commitment to identifying opportunities that positively impact society. It expands the company's investment portfolio in vital sectors, contributing to the UAE's economy and job creation.

In summary, EIH's investment in Al Ain Pharmacy Group reflects its dedication to the healthcare sector's growth and its broader vision of economic expansion.

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By: Vibha Kapoor