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What is the flu and which symptoms should we look out for

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The ongoing influenza-related passings among kids in Dubai have made individuals increasingly mindful of influenza's conceivably lethal outcomes and as we are presently in the 'influenza season' in the UAE (around September – March) the World Health Organization prescribes inoculation in the Middle East starting October. 

"Some of the time I see guardians who are stressed over their youngster having seasonal influenza hit and that is ordinary. No parent needs to see their kid experience torment, ' says Dr. Richard Jones from the Keith Nicholl Medical Center in Dubai. "In any case, difficulties from influenza can be quite a lot more genuine than in my view a couple of moments of agony from a needle is justified, despite all the trouble." 

We solicited Dr. Jones to bust some from the regular legends encompassing this season's cold virus ailment, while likewise offering his master counsel on maintaining a strategic distance from and treating it: 

What is this season's cold virus and which side effects would it be a good idea for us to pay special mind to? 

Flu is a viral respiratory ailment. Not every person who becomes tainted becomes ill but rather for those that do, basic indications incorporate cerebral pain, fever, hack, sore throat, throbbing muscles and joints and by and large feeling dreadful. Much of the time influenza is upsetting yet typically self-constraining with recuperation in 5-7 days. 

There are three kinds of influenza strain (A, B, C) and most years a couple of strains of An and B circle around the world: 

Flu A (for example swine influenza; H1N1) is generally progressively genuine and is regularly liable for huge episodes 

Flu B is commonly less serious 

Flu C is typically mellow and like the basic virus 

Influenza immunizations will secure against three to four strains (typically 2 An and 1-2 B). 

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Who ought to get the immunization? 

In certain individuals difficulties, (for example, pneumonia and meningitis) can create and individuals can kick the bucket in view of influenza, thus why the immunization is significant for powerless individuals. The most genuine cases are found in small kids, pregnant ladies, more seasoned individuals and those with long haul wellbeing conditions. The yearly flu antibody is prescribed for those individuals in danger of genuine intricacies if they somehow happened to get influenza: 

Grown-ups more than 65 years of age 

Pregnant ladies (the immunization is protected in pregnancy and in case you're bosom nourishing) 

Youngsters matured a half year – 5 years (The immunization isn't prescribed in babies under a half year) 

Grown-ups with a BMI of at least 40 

Anybody matured 5-65 who have wellbeing conditions, for example, respiratory ailment (asthma, COPD); diabetes; heart issues; kidney or potentially liver ailment; stifled invulnerable framework (on long haul oral steroids, current or ongoing chemotherapy/radiotherapy, on immunosuppressants for rheumatological conditions like rheumatoid joint pain); individuals with no spleen or diminished capacity; individuals and additionally family in close contact with people in the above classifications. 

I would 100% prescribe that pregnant ladies get the immunization, in light of the fact that the poke won't just ensure you however it will likewise secure the unborn kid. Pregnant ladies are entirely powerless to influenza and the difficulties can be not kidding. The immunization is an inactivated infection so any apprehensions that it can offer influenza to your infant are totally unwarranted. 

Obviously, you can have the inoculation on the off chance that you are not in the above classes, in spite of the fact that the probability of having extreme influenza and its inconveniences is low. 

What amount of will the immunization secure you and where would you be able to get it? 

Studies have indicated inoculation secures against contamination yet post-immunization insurance levels are not 100% so there is no assurance you won't get this season's flu virus. Be that as it may, in the event that you got this season's cold virus post-immunization, at that point, it is probably going to be milder and shorter-lived than it generally would be. 

Influenza strains change (transform) each year, so new influenza antibodies are delivered each year to ensure against current strains, thus why yearly inoculation is required. 

It is exceptionally simple to get this season's cold virus shot. Essentially call up your neighborhood doctor and book an arrangement. I regulate many influenza shots every week during this season in my facility. With respect to protection spread, some will cover it and some won't. On the off chance that you are not taken care of the expense isn't excessively restrictive. We charge Dh250. 

What can guardians do in the event that they presume their kid has influenza? 

The fundamental counsel is to keep your kid warm and hydrated and utilize youngsters' paracetamol and ibuprofen to control the temperature. The ordinary internal heat level for a youngster is 37ºC. 

Be that as it may, you should see a specialist if your kid: 

Creates breathing issues 

Presentations bizarre conduct 

Has a temperature above 38.5 

Isn't enduring liquids 

Your PCP can test for influenza and evaluate whether your youngster should be admitted to the emergency clinic 

Furthermore, how would you abstain from getting influenza and avoiding its spread? 

Stay away from contact with wiped out individuals 

Additionally, on the off chance that you have influenza-like manifestations, remain at home until 24 hours after the indications vanish 

Purify surfaces and wash your hands regularly with cleanser and water 

Abstain from contacting your eyes, nose, and mouth, as germs spread quicker that way 

Spread your mouth and nose with a tissue when you hack or sniffle, at that point toss it 

Regular influenza fantasies busted: 

'Influenza isn't not kidding's 

In most, it isn't, yet in some, it tends to be perilous (around 8000 individuals pass on every year in the UK from flu.) 

'This season's cold virus antibody doesn't work' 

It will secure around 6 individuals in 10 and is the best method to anticipate getting and spreading it. 

'Influenza antibodies can give this season's cold virus' 

This is beyond the realm of imagination as the antibody is inactivated (dead). It imitates the infection enabling the body to deliver antibodies which, if influenza is gotten, are prepared and holding on to murder the infection 

'I won't spread influenza on the off chance that I get it since I will keep away from individuals at high hazard' 

Not every person who gets influenza is sick. A few people have no side effects and show up well however can at present pass on the infection. It spreads effectively.