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Updated Health Laws of UAE

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On 6 February 2019, the President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) together with the UAE Minister of Health and Prevention (the Minister) issued a new regulation on the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in fitness fields within the UAE. Federal Law No. 2 of 2019 (the Law) entered into impact in May 2019 and will likely have an effect on the sports of a number of entities operating inside the healthcare sector inside the UAE, inclusive of healthcare carrier providers, lifestyles sciences companies, cloud carrier providers, healthcare IT systems suppliers, and health insurance providers.

The Law sets out high-level duties and restrictions but delegates a widespread amount of detail at the application of the Law — and, importantly, carve-outs to the software of the Law — to imposing policies, expert guides, and choices from the Minister. Such implementing guidelines, expert guides, and Ministerial choices will be key to providing affected entities with a full expertise of the Law.

This Client Alert units out the five key features of the law with appreciate to its software to entities that collect, process, and keep healthcare facts within the UAE; identifies the matters that will be further clarified by using the enforcing regulations, expert guides, and Ministerial choices; and flags additional troubles which are probable to be addressed in destiny policies and guidance.