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Higher body weight increases chance of cancer survival

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'We need to do further studies into the possible link between BMI and related inflammation'.

There is good news for obese and overweight people as researchers have found that higher body weight or high body mass index (BMI) could increase the chance of beating certain cancers.

Focusing on clinical trials of atezolizumab, a common immunotherapy treatment for non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), the researchers from Flinders University found improved responsiveness to the drug in those with a high body mass index (BMI). "This is an interesting outcome and it raises the potential to investigate further with other cancers and other anti-cancer drugs," said study lead investigator Ganessan Kichenadasse from the Flinders University in Australia.

"We need to do further studies into the possible link between BMI and related inflammation, which might help to understand the mechanisms behind paradoxical response to this form of cancer treatment," Kichenadasse said.

The WHO estimates at least 2.8 million people die each year as a result of being overweight or obese. Overweight and obesity leads to adverse metabolic effects on blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and insulin resistance. - IANS