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Excellence Basics: Care for your child's scalp

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My sibling is 7 ½ months old. His hair was ordinary when he was conceived, however in the wake of shaving his hair multiple times, his hair development has all of a sudden backed off. Would you be able to please propose a home solution for accelerate his hair development once more? 

Name retained 

I would propose that after you give your sibling a shower, and keeping in mind that his scalp is as yet wet, take four drops of castor oil and back rub it into the wet hair. Do this ordinary, regardless of whether you don't cleanser his hair and it's simply sodden. This will help enact hair development and thicken hair. 

I'm 16 years of age and have skin inflammation issues. I attempted your cinnamon and nectar cure, yet I wound up getting rashes, and it deserted spots on my skin. Is there another cure? Additionally, where would i be able to get lavender and sandalwood powder in Fujairah? 

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Make a glue of new mint. Blend one tablespoon of the glue with a teaspoon of lemon squeeze, and include a few oats powder. Applied day by day, this will purge the pimples, and furthermore quiet, cool and therapist the pores. The oats will help scour off dead skin and mellow the skin, and the lemon juice will help your skin and therapist the pores also. In Fujairah, you will discover lavender and sandalwood powder at any Spinneys store or at drug stores. 

I have facial hair that is genuinely unmistakable and I've been waxing it as opposed to utilizing turmeric or dye (I quit utilizing turmeric as it was extremely repetitive to apply each day). I was anticipating doing laser treatment, however I figure my hair may be unreasonably little for it. It would be ideal if you help! 


Small hair can be very hard to evacuate and turmeric has demonstrated to be a generally excellent solution for this. In any case, on the off chance that you don't possess energy for it, I would propose applying a clingy blend of egg white and cornflour, and scouring against the hair development, when dry. 

I'm a 15-year-old person with a great deal of pimples on my cheeks. I likewise have a ton of dandruff and hair that is feeble and weak. Might you be able to propose a characteristic solution for me? 

Name retained 

Guarantee that you brush your hair a long time before you utilize this treatment, and abstain from getting it in your eyes. Take one tablespoon of egg white and include a tablespoon of lemon juice with a touch of dark pepper. Blend and back rub this into your scalp. For the pimples, utilize a thick turmeric glue blended with some corn flour; apply on the pimpled skin. Following 30 minutes, shower and clean off the glue from your skin and wash your hair, trailed by a light cleanser. Keep in mind, never utilize heated water on your scalp or face as this initiates the oils that reason your pimples. 

I'm extremely tragic due to the condition of my hair. It's exceptionally short and wavy, and has been so since my initial youth. How might I develop more hair? 

Krishnendu T S 

Blend some warm coconut oil with one teaspoon of fenugreek powder, a large portion of a teaspoon of castor oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Back rub this into your scalp, at any rate 30 minutes before a cleanser. Brush your hair to equitably circulate the cover. Do this thrice a week and you'll notice expanded hair development.