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Most Expensive Restaurant in Dubai

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Ossiano is a piece of a Dubai institution – and with top reason. Excellent service, graceful surroundings – and a big fish tank to get you inside the temper for all of the seafood you’re about to place away.

There’s no denying that it’s on the steeply-priced side, however fork out and you may be rewarded through the shell-load, each in phrases of meals and setting.

On arrival you’re led down a sweeping staircase to a swanky underwater dining room. It’s dimly lit, with white tablecloths and much cutlery.

There’s an specific air and we feel a chunk like Jack Dawson coming into the first elegance cabin of the Titanic, but now not for long, as team of workers are welcoming.

The Experience Menu lets you select between four, five and seven courses – every of that's nothing brief of wonderful.

Oysters, scallops, cod and tuna – it’s all out of the ordinary and arrives in a haze of dry ice and foams.

Presentation is exceptional and there’s all way of textures and flavours. There are also meat dishes available and the red meat tartare is a number of the great we’ve eaten.

Make certain you get dolled up whilst you come here. There’s a well-heeled crowd and your efforts might be noted.

For a special occasion you can’t beat it, and we’ll surely be heading back – whilst the bank stability allows, that is.

The massive dining space in Atlantis The Palm stars an impressive floor-to-ceiling aquarium to mesmerise diners. It’s romantic, opulent and, being Dubai, a little ostentatious. It’s additionally a four-time winner of the Best Seafood restaurant in Dubai, proving that it’s now not all style over substance. The meals itself, admittedly on the (very) high priced side, is of superb quality and well-prepared. There are tasting menus and sharing platters.

Fine dining meets true artistry at Ossiano. The visitors can indulge their senses in an award-prevailing underwater culinary experience as the renowned Chef Gregoire Berger transforms sparkling seafood into hanging works of art.