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Woman uses daughter's medical card, ID to treat friend's child in UAE

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The child got badly injured after hitting her head on the floor at the defendant's house late in the night.

An expat woman has landed in trouble after she used her daughter's medical insurance card and Emirates ID to get emergency treatment for her friend's daughter.

The child, who got badly injured after hitting her head on the floor at the defendant's house late in the night, reportedly needed immediate treatment.

The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance heard that the Arab girl from Umm Al Quwain, who apparently had no identification papers, had visited the defendant's family along with her mother, also accused in the case when she accidentally slipped off the floor and hit her head on the ground.

She suffered head injuries and was rushed to a government hospital in Abu Dhabi.

The Arab woman then presented to the hospital the medical insurance card and Emirates ID of her daughter, who was of the same age as the injured child.

After treatment, the woman's ex-husband complained to the hospital management and police after he found out that she had used his daughter's documents to treat another child.

Prosecutors charged the woman with illegally using her daughter's documents to facilitate treatment of another child.

The woman had admitted to having temporarily presented her child's medical insurance for the treatment of another child, stressing that it was an emergency. She said she and the child's mother later took from the hospital the victim's documents and also paid for the medical bills.

She said her ex-husband had maliciously filed a complaint against her because she wanted to claim custody of their four children staying with her.

The trial was adjourned until August.

 /  Source: KhaleejTimes