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Mumbai airport has more private jet departures than Dubai, Tokyo

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Mumbai: The Mumbai city air terminal leads Dubai and Tokyo by a wide edge in personal jet flights at around 1,516 outbound flying machine developments in 2018, which is 8.28 percent higher than the Gulf city at 1,400, and 20 percent over those in the Japanese capital at 1,202, finds a report. 

Mumbai has been the world's busiest single-runway air terminal taking care of near 1,000 flights per day for the third year straight in 2018, after Gatwick close London, while the Dubai air terminal is the world's biggest avionics center. 

The top position is held by New York, on account of the city being home to the world's biggest number of rich individuals, with 66,968 personal jet takeoffs in 2018, while Mumbai is positioned 146, as indicated by an investigation on the movement patterns of ultra-high networth people by Knight Frank. 

The country's monetary capital is home to the greatest number of the wealthy in the nation. 

Nation savvy, North America has the most noteworthy number of dynamic business planes at 13,685, trailed by Europe, Russia, and the CIS (ex-Soviet republics) nations at 2,879 each. 

England, France, the UAE, and Germany are the other top goals, as indicated by the investigation. 

The investigation finds that nearness and season are the key elements for the rich to pick their movement goals. Likewise, most Americans visit Canada or Mexico, while Australians head towards New Zealand. 

Thus, June is the most supported time for movement on board for both the Americans and the French, while for the British it is April.