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Dubai: Woman gets Dh50,000 compensation after botched Botox nose job


The Dubai Court of First Instance has ordered a medical centre and a doctor to pay Dh50,000 in compensation to a 32-year-old female patient after a botched Botox procedure on her nose.

The non-surgical facial treatment caused permanent deformity, and an investigation revealed that the doctor was not familiar with the technicalities of the Botox procedure.

In a civil lawsuit, the patient claimed that after the procedure she suffered psychological trauma and her fiancé called off their impending wedding. The distress had also led her to quit her job.

She stated that she went to the medical centre for rhinoplasty and met a doctor who decided to inject Botox and filler to reshape her nose. After leaving the centre, she had a severe headache and swelling, which compelled her to visit the doctor. She was advised to put an ice pack on the area to reduce the pain and swelling.

The woman had to return to the centre due to extreme pain, and the doctor prescribed her painkillers and some cream. As her condition deteriorated and the nose turned into a wound, the patient returned to the centre for the third time.

She was referred to a surgeon who cleaned the place where the Botox was injected and applied cream on it.

On her way home, her nose began to bleed heavily, so the driver drove her to the emergency unit of Rashid Hospital. She was later moved to the emergency unit of Dubai Hospital and then Khalifa Hospital. A report was issued revealing the medical errors by the doctor, so she filed a complaint with the Public Prosecution.

The prosecution formed a medical committee from the Dubai Health Authority to study the case. The committee’s report confirmed that the doctor had performed a medical procedure he was unfamiliar with. He was also ignorant of the technical matters used in the process.

The report revealed that the physician was also not familiar with the best way to dissolve the injected substances that any doctor working in this field is supposed to know. It was found that the patient had a permanent deformity by 10% of the shape of her nose. The medical centre was fined for allowing an unqualified doctor to perform the procedure.

Source: khaleej Times

By: Nidhul