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Dubai Ranks #1 As The Best Weather Conditions For Weddings


Although having it rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck, most people don’t want it to rain all over their parade. Also, most peeps want those golden hour photographs but barely catch the sun. So if you’re going for a destination wedding, consider Dubai.

A study conducted by Strictly Weddings revealed which locations have the best weather to host a wedding.

The research revealed that the #1 location with the best weather for your wedding is Dubai

Dubai scored 9.31/10 which earned it the #1 spot as the best weather conditions for weddings

The study looked at the average annual temperature, daily sunshine hours and monthly precipitation score. The total number then gives each destination a wedding score.

This is due to the average temperature of a whopping 28 degrees Celsius and an average of 10 hours of daily sunshine – perfect for those snapshots.

The second best place is Palm Springs in the US. Next is Ibiza, Honolulu, Los Cabos, Marrakech, Montego Bay, Bridgetown, Cancun, and Santorini.

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By: Nidhul