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Safety & Laws of Dubai

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Dubai is one of the most secure destinations in the Middle East. Street crime inclusive of pickpocketing and bag snatching is uncommon, and thanks to the presence of safety and cameras, you’ll sense safe the usage of public transport in Dubai and wandering around maximum components of the metropolis by way of day and by night.

In fact, the most important hazard to your protection in Dubai is your self. Many a traveller has fallen foul of the local legal guidelines, resulting in hefty fines, jail time and deportation.

As the United Arab Emirates is a Muslim nation governed by way of Sharia Law, it's far worth familiarizing your self with the neighborhood customs and rules earlier than you visit Dubai. Here are a few pointers for a stress-free live.

Being Drunk and Disorderly in Public

One of the fastest approaches to bring your Dubai stay to an early end is to be inebriated and/or disorderly in public. It is prison for non-Muslims to devour alcohol in Dubai, as long as they’re drinking in a certified venue (normally attached to a hotel, or within the home of a non-Muslim resident who has a liquor license). Once you’re outside of those venues, however, if you’re visible to be under the influence of alcohol or causing a raucous in public, you may land your self in prison quick smart. Plain-clothes and uniformed police officers patrol the city, so be on your fine behavior at all times.

The prison consuming age in Dubai is 21.

Drink Driving

The legit prison alcohol limit for drivers in Dubai is 0—there’s no leeway here, so make certain you’re completely sober before getting at the back of the wheel. The police have to be referred to as to all car accidents, such as unmarried automobile incidents.


Dubai has a 0 tolerance coverage on drug ownership and trafficking, with a few offenses punishable through loss of life or lifetime imprisonment. Even prescription medicines which can be felony to your country may be illegal here, so it’s worth checking on their status before packing them to your luggage.

Public Displays of Affection

You can also have heard stories of visitors to Dubai being locked up for amorous presentations of affection. The easiest manner to keep away from any drama is to, pretty simply, keep your palms to your self. Kissing and holding hands in public is deemed “inappropriate conduct,” so maintain it smooth while you’re out and about. On that note, sex out of doors of marriage and homosexuality are unlawful here, so exercise warning if touring with an unmarried and/or same-intercourse partner.

Dressing Appropriately

Dubai is a modest country, and the nearby Emirati people are recognizable by their fashionable all-white (male) and black (female) attire, which covers them from head to toe. While you don’t should adhere to these dress requirements your self, it's miles worth adopting a more modest wardrobe at some point of your live in Dubai, in particular when travelling shopping department shops and government offices. That means shoulders and knees ought to be blanketed for guys and women, and no tight-becoming or obvious clothing. You can wear bikinis and other swimming wear at the beach, however topless sunbathing is strictly forbidden for women, and anyone must cover up earlier than they leave the sand.

Offensive Language or Hand Gestures

Many of Dubai’s legal guidelines and customs are rooted in showing appreciate for one another. It is, therefore, an offense to use impolite language or competitive hand gestures, inclusive of even as driving. Feeling annoyed that a person just reduce you off at the road? A toot of the horn is about as a ways as you could pass here.

Social Media, Slander and Photography

In fact, the UAE has very strict laws concerning all forms of social conduct, and this extends to social media. It is unlawful to take a person’s picture without their consent, so make sure you’re now not featuring any other people in that Instagram post. It’s also illegal to take photos of airports, bridges, authorities buildings and palaces in Dubai. It’s against the law to make defamatory statements or offensive remarks about people and businesses inside the UAE, so thoughts your language on social media posts—consisting of review sites.

A Note on Ramadan

While Dubai is a conservative town year-round, it's far doubly so at some point of the Holy Month of Ramadan. During this time, it's far forbidden to devour or drink in public throughout daylight hours hours (a few eating places and shopping department stores have curtained regions for non-Muslims to dine in for the duration of Ramadan). You mustn’t play loud music (consisting of via your non-public headphones), and you must take more care to get dressed modestly at all times.