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I've been perusing your section for some time now and saw a few cures as extremely viable. My concern is with my hair - I as of late shaded it and it has been dry and bunched up from that point onward. Kindly recommend a brisk and simple home cure that will make my hair glossy and smooth, and furthermore help to keep up the shading. 

- Name retained 

Beat an egg yolk and include one teaspoon of nectar and a teaspoon of lime squeeze to it. Apply this onto the hair and permit to dry. Wash with a mellow cleanser, trailed by a last flush with a tumbler of water that has one teaspoon of lime juice added to it. This treatment will make your hair gleaming and help to hold the shading for more. 

I am a 17-year-old young lady. I have a ton of hair on my upper lip and that locale is darker than the remainder of my face. If it's not too much trouble propose a solution for the equivalent. 

- Name retained 

Take 1 tsp cornflour and add enough nectar to make a smooth veil. Include two drops of lime juice to this blend and apply it on the face. Leave for five minutes, at that point delicately clean against the hair development. Finish the treatment with a virus water wash. Do this three times each week for best outcomes. 

I am a 19-year-old kid and I have stretch imprints. They look downright awful on me. Would you be able to please assist me with disposing of this issue with the assistance of a powerful home cure? 

- Manu 

Stretch imprints are difficult to dispose of. Take two tablespoons of coconut milk and add a touch of espresso to it. Back rub this onto the skin and wash following 30 minutes. In addition, knead Vitamin E oil or coconut oil onto the stretch checks and leave medium-term. These should assist you with your concern. 

A short time prior, I referenced that dandruff had spread through my hair and you prescribed a last wash (while showering) to be blended in with preparing pop. I did that for half a month and saw great outcomes. Yet, after I halted, the dandruff returned once more. To what extent do I need to do this? 

- Name retained 

Dandruff for the most part happens because of a broken eating regimen, absence of adequate water admission or even because of ill-advised shampooing. Do the treatment with preparing soft drink until the dandruff clears, however it is essential to discover the base of the issue to guarantee that the dandruff doesn't return. 

I as of late purchased an aloe vera plant. Would you be able to reveal to me the various ways I can utilize it for normal cures? 

- Shwetha 

Aloe vera is a very flexible plant. It tends to be utilized to wash down the skin, scalp and body. You can eat one tablespoon crude or add it to crisp green juice, every day. Kneading it into the scalp captures hair fall, dandruff and quiets and conditions hair, while applying it to the face or body oxygenates the skin. It's a decent move to bring it into your home!