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I'm a 16-year-old young lady and I have a great deal of clogged pores on my nose. Would you be able to propose a solution for dispose of them? 

- Name retained 

Make a cover by blending one tsp of nectar with a large portion of a tsp of cinnamon. Apply this on your nose and wash following 15 minutes. Cinnamon actuates dissemination and purifies zits. Nectar is additionally a decent purging operator. You can likewise steam your face before applying the veil to make it increasingly compelling. 

Much thanks to you such a great amount for your stunning tips! I have an inquiry with respect to hair botox. I've heard it is normal, yet is it useful for the hair? I additionally have a ton of white hair. Is it OK in the event that I use hair shading after botox, or is there any brand that utilizations characteristic fixings to shading white hair? 

- Name retained 

Botox is an extremely feeding treatment for dead and dormant hair. Continuously shading and spread silver hair with normal natural hair hues; they are accessible in sustenance shops, stores or drug stores. Maintain a strategic distance from compound hair colors. 

I am a 16-year-old young lady with hair fall and turning gray hair. Might you be able to propose a home solution for control the hair fall and keep my hair from turning gray to such an extent? I truly would prefer not to color my hair. If you don't mind help! 

- Heer 

Silver hair can be treated with tea water. Apply some dark tea onto the hair by showering it on and leave it to dry. Do this few times each day. Keep away from compound hair hues, and support your scalp and hair with aloe vera gel. Leave on medium-term, or if nothing else an hour prior to washing with cleanser. This will help capture the hair fall. 

I am a 12-year-old kid and have been battling with terrible dandruff for over a year now. It's the main thing individuals appear to see about me and I have had a go at everything to dispose of it, including extravagant shampoos. Might you be able to please recommend a powerful cure? 

- Muhammad 

Dandruff is typically caused because of less than stellar eating routine, hormonal irregularity and poor hair wellbeing. To begin with, improve your eating regimen and drink 10-12 glasses of water day by day. Blend a tsp of bicarbonate of pop with six tbsps of water. Apply this on your scalp and back rub your scalp for10 minutes, trailed by a cleanser and wash. This treatment will shed the dandruff. Do this on more than one occasion per week before you cleanser. I would recommend utilizing an organic product based or tea tree cleanser. 

I'm 19 years of age and I have skin break out on my brow that occasionally turns red. I don't have dandruff. I likewise have comparable skin break out spots on my back. My upper lips are exceptionally dull, too. Might you be able to please recommend some regular solutions for these issues? 

- Thamanna 

Blend a tbsp of aloe vera gel with eight drops of tea tree oil and apply this on your brow and back where you have skin inflammation. Leave on medium-term and rehash each day. Tea tree oil is an enemy of bacterial treatment, while aloe vera gel is a sublime skin chemical that forestalls skin break out breakouts. For dim lips, simply apply a slim film of coconut milk on them. Leave it on medium-term and clean off the following day. Done each day, your lips will both help and mollify.