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15 cheap eats you have to try before leaving Dubai

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There are plenty of reasons to travel to Dubai: The beaches, the skylines, the architecture, the incredible shopping, and most importantly the incredible food. But it shouldn’t be all five star restaurants, celebrity chefs and expensive bistros. Here are some of the best budget bites worth seeking out in Dubai.Image Credit: Multiple Sources

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The Bun Maska at Samboosa house. Price: Dh1. Located in Meena Bazar, this little shack serves Indian snacks including a beautifully buttered Bun Masks. Order it with a side of masala tea for a perfect and affordable mid-day snack. The service is homey and prices are very affordable.Image Credit: Supplied

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The chicken Shawarma at Al Mallah. Price: Dh8. One of the most loved shawarma spots in Dubai. With three locations around the city, Al Mallah is a popular choice for Shawarma lovers.Image Credit: Supplied

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The chicken dumplings at Chinese Kitchen. Price: Dh32 for 12 pieces. This is one of our newsroom favourites. We love their chicken dumplings and eat them on a regular basis. One dozen is more than enough per person. It’s difficult to eat this dish without sharing.Image Credit: Supplied

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The unlimited Desi thali at Claypot Price: Dh25 for vegetarian and Dh35 for non-vegetarian. Claypot, is a wonderful Indian spot at City Max Hotel Bur Dubai. They do an amazing lunch deal, where you can have as much as you can eat on a Thali for a very good price. If you want to make this lunch a little more interesting, add Dh10 and enjoy half a pint of hops.Image Credit: Supplied

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The Falafel at Hadoota Masreya. Price: Dh18 for 8 pieces of Falafel. There’s a great debate in here in the UAE. Shami falafel vs. Egyptian falafel. The Shamis make their falafel with hummus, while the Egyptians make theirs with foul (the fava bean). I tend to prefer the Egyptian kind, because, well… I am Egyptian, but there is no doubt that Hadoota makes some pretty killer falafel for less.Image Credit: Supplied

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The Masala Dosa at Foodies Delights. Price: Dh6.50. This little hidden gem at the Discovery Gardens makes great food for a nice price. Have their masala dosa and it will set you back just Dh6.50.Image Credit: Supplied

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Bombay Toast anywhere in Old Dubai. Price: Dh1. Bombay toast is the Indian equivalent of French toast and it's unbelievably good and cheap. You can get it at different street side cafés in Satwa and Deira.Image Credit: GN

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The plain bun at PappaRoti. Price: Dh12.75. What started out as a small stall in Dubai Mall named Papparoti, grew so popular that they now have 13 different outlets in Dubai. The bun is both sweet and savoury, as well as soft and crunchy at the same time. I encourage you to try it if you already haven’t.Image Credit: Facebook

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The Masala Half Fry Regular at Raju Omelet. Price: Dh10.50. You can enjoy a classic half fry eggs spiced to perfection with crushed onion, green chili, garlic, ginger and diced tomatoes. Add an extra Dh2.50 for a Bombay pav bread and there you have it. A cheap and perfect breakfast.Image Credit: Supplied

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Chips Oman at almost any supermarket. Price: Dh1. You will find the iconic Chips Oman priced at Dh1 in most supermarket and groceries.Image Credit:

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Akawicheese fatayer
The Akkawi Manaeesh at Mama’esh. Price: Dh13. Mama Esh is a rustic Palestinian restaurant serving an honest and authentic representation of Palestinian cuisine. Their water is free and so is their Wi-Fi. Akkawi cheese is the most common and famous cheese you can find on manaeesh or fatayer and definitely the one you should start with if you want to taste the real Palestine.Image Credit: Facebook

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The chai at Tea Way. Price: Dh1. A steaming cup of karak tea or chai has long been a tradition for many residents in the UAE. The Styrofoam cup, the copper panelled pot, the wild gush of black tea and finally, the trail of milk for extra creaminess that will give you life. Most karak chai scenarios involve you standing outside surrounded by honking Land Cruisers and impatient customers waiting in their car for a ‘chaiwala’ (teaboy) to bring their order out. It does not get any more old-school UAE than that.Image Credit: Supplied

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The Kunafa Nabulsi at Feras. Cost: Dh15. One of the things you should try if you live in the UAE, is the kunafa at this famous dessert parlour. With multiple locations all over the country, Firas is well known for their kunafa nabulsia. It's warm, soft and really creamy with a generous amount of filling. They have several locations in the UAE.Image Credit: Facebook

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The Matka Kulfi at Bikanervala. Price: Dh14. Matka Kulfi is a traditional Indian take on ice cream. Originally from Mughal India this tasty dessert is loved by Indians and non-Indians a like. It looks and feels kind of like ice cream, but instead of using water or milk (like gellato does), the icy dessert is made by using condensed milk.Image Credit: Shreya Bhatia, Reader Interactivity Journalist

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The Churros Ice Cream Sandwich at Maiz Tacos. Price: Dh35. One of the UAE’s home-grown Mexican restaurants serves up a very unique dessert. This star dessert at Maiz is the Churros Lotus Ice Cream Sandwich, which is a must try according to everyone who has had it.