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Expo City's 'Throne of Peace': A 150-Year-Old Tree Transformed

Throne of Peace sustainability and nature's beauty
Throne of Peace sustainability and nature's beauty

The 'Throne of Peace,' an ornamental giant chair, has become a star attraction in Expo City's Green Zone, drawing visitors with its unique design and story of sustainability. Crafted from a 150-year-old tree weighing 2.2 tons, the majestic chair is the result of 15,000 hours of recycling and serves as a symbol of nature's beauty and resilience.

The throne, located near the UAE pavilion at COP28 in the UAE, showcases the seamless integration of nature's beauty and intricate craftsmanship by local artist Sheikh Ali Almualla. Originally shipped from the island of Java in Indonesia to Sharjah, the tree underwent a transformation by a team of nine technicians with expertise in blacksmithing, sculpture, fibreglass, and painting.

The throne sets an example in sustainability, measuring 500 centimetres wide, 700 centimetres deep, and standing at a height of 550 centimetres. It narrates the life journey and challenges of nature, symbolizing resilience amid change and evolution. Andor Steven, from Ardeco, a decor and furniture factory in Sharjah involved in the project, explained, "This tree chose to embark on a new existence, transforming into an extraordinary masterpiece — a throne embodying nature's beauty, resilience, strength, and constancy."

The throne's base is formed from the colossal trunk of the tree, showcasing weathered yet resilient bark that supports the imposing structure. The seat itself is a masterpiece, fashioned from a single massive slab and polished to a glossy sheen, reflecting light in mesmerizing patterns. Natural imperfections and knots embedded in the seat tell the story of the tree's history.

The backrest of the throne rises tall and imposing, intricately carved with intertwining roots and soaring branches that reach towards the sky. The arrangement of entwined branches and roots mirrors a sense of containment and tranquillity, narrating the tale of Mother Nature's beauty and embodying stability and peace.

Equipped with wheels for easy movement and a hydraulic crane installed inside for lowering, rising, and mobility, the 'Throne of Peace' is both a functional and symbolic masterpiece. It has become an "Instaworthy" spot for visitors, drawing children and adults alike to pause, sit, and capture photos on this majestic throne.

Visitors at COP28, especially on the UAE National Day holiday, expressed their awe and curiosity about the throne. The eye-catching design and the story of its transportation and creation fascinated visitors, contributing to the overall enriching experience at the conference focused on sustainability and conservation efforts.

In conclusion, the 'Throne of Peace' stands not only as a stunning piece of art but also as a testament to the possibilities of recycling and sustainability. Its integration of natural elements and craftsmanship serves as a visual representation of nature's journey and resilience, making it a symbol of peace and stability amid the changing world.

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By- Sahiba Suri

By: Sahiba Suri