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What Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina Looks Like?

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The gorgeous architecture, jaw-dropping centers, and attractions strongly ingrained in the Arab culture are enough to keep you occupied for the duration of your stay. The seven 'pillars' or Emirates of the UAE are two of the most popular. Their appeal and personalities, on the other hand, are radically different. However, both are crucial to see, especially because they are just an hour and a half apart and you can easily take day trips to both depending on where you wish to stay.

Dubai may appear to be all air-conditioned retail malls, but this large metropolis in the desert is experiencing a new and exciting boom of cultural institutions, galleries, and shopping centers aimed at enticing tourists in the twenty-first century.

Thus, now-a-days, the Dubai Marina is a portion of New Dubai and is known around the world for its design. It's the Middle East's first man-made marina. Dubai Marina is one of the world's largest and most beautifully constructed waterfront developments, with unimpeded views across the marina and cool sea breezes. A dinner cruise on a classic wooden dhow departing from Dubai Marina. Dhow cruise Marina is a 2-hour sail on the marina's lagoon, where you can observe this famous development that has altered Dubai and firmly established it on the international map. A romantic outing would be made possible by the sail, a gourmet dinner, and onboard hospitality.

About Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Dhow Cruise Dubai takes you back in time to a time when traditional Dhows were employed for pearl farming, fishing, and maritime trading in Dubai. Dubai has grown swiftly and evolved into a city of superlatives, yet the Marina Dhow remains an important element of the city's culture and tradition. Dhow Cruises in Dubai are now utilized to transport tourists to the past in a very romantic atmosphere for a brief voyage so that they may appreciate Dubai's famous Marina, which was previously its lifeblood.

Dinner Cruise Dubai now entails a romantic meal onboard a decked-out Dhow that sails leisurely from Dubai Marina for a 2-hour cruise. One of Dubai's oldest dhows is Al Wasl Dhow Cruise Marina. On both sides, you'll see images that are in direct opposition to one another. Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina is all about having a different kind of experience.

While traveling across the tranquil waters of Marina, we can view the magnificent buildings on one side and the Marina Walk, Lagoon, Dubai Eye, and Jumeirah Beach Residence on the other. The Marina shimmers with lights at night, giving the feast a new depth. At night, Dubai's attractiveness is enhanced by the gleaming wooden Marina Dhow. Come on board and charm your loved ones in style with our magnificent Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina supper.

With a dash of love, Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina will give you an exceptional continental and Arabic buffet. The ever-courteous Dhow Cruise crew treats you like royalty, and your heart overflows with joy. Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina's moments may pass, but the memories will last a lifetime.

Families are encouraged to join the Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai, which runs from 8.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. every day of the year. On the Dhow Cruise, we offer complimentary Wi-Fi as well as a pick-up and drop-off service from Dubai.

Our Dubai Dinner Cruise combines all of the components of a fantastic evening, including delectable cuisine, Tanoura dance, onboard music, and, of course, a candle-lit ambiance, to create a wonderful atmosphere in which to spread love and happiness.

Structure of Dubai Marina

One of Dubai's most exclusive districts, Dubai Marina, is a two-kilometer stretch of beautiful sand overlooking the Arabian Gulf. Residents and tourists promenade along palm walkways, shop in fancy boutiques, and see magnificent wells in the frescos as glistening ships bubble and spectacular scratches glide through the desert sun. Jumeirah Living Marina Gate, a modern, exciting urban lifestyle destination, will open its doors in early September 2020. You will discover Dubai Marina's top things to see and do if you do not relax in one of their huge home apartments.

The first two beaches in Dubai Marina are the beach and the beach of the Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). The attractions for kids, which include small waterparks, miniature trams, and even camel rides, are family-friendly while also providing plenty of opportunities for adults. Relax in a cabana between sea dips; play beach volleyball while working on your tan; ride the waves on a jet-ski or wakeboard, or peruse the waterside markets. Sit in a variety of modern restaurants and bars with a lovely Emirates flair when it comes to cuisine. The 23-meter-long pool at Jumeirah Living Marina Gate, which is surrounded by flora and overlooks the shore, is the ideal spot to unwind.


The main lengths of water are wide boulevards that are ideal for a scenic stroll or jog. Take around the shore, passing by sunbathers on the dunes and past the coastal marinas, which are surrounded by superyachts at the Dubai International Marine Club. Alternatively, rent a bike and cruise along the Walk and the cosmopolitan canals, as every bridge and road has a dedicated lane for two-wheelers.

It is not necessary to be a fan of modern architecture to enjoy the magnificence of the "highest block." Each of the structures here is 300 meters tall, ranging from the Princess Tower (414 meters) to the Cayan Tower (310 meters), the world's tallest skyscraper block. They're residential blocks, so they're not available, but the size of this world-record-breaking, glass-encased structure from below can only be appreciated with a camera.

Shopping in Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina Mall has four stories and is somewhat modest in comparison to Dubai's royal standards. In the calm of their marbled halls, you'll also find high-end and high-street fashion, organic beauty brands, and specialized jewelry, as well as waterfront cafes, restaurants, and 6-screen reel movies, which are a regular venue for the latest Hollywood films. Take a luxurious boat ride along the Marina Canal and the Palm Lagoon as the sunsets.

With a bottle of Champagne in hand, take in the city skyline as you pass landmarks such as the Burj Al Arab, the Atlantis' Grand Gate, and the casually moored superyachts in the Dubai Navy. Longer boats can also be built against the backdrop of tastefully lighted skyscrapers that emphasize the gentler waves for people who want to drink and dance the night away.

Dhow Cruise Creek

On a typical wooden dhow cruise in Dubai on the ancient Creek, the Dubai Dhow Cruise serves an outstanding supper. Enjoy a supper sail on a dhow. A Dubai Dhow cruise on Dubai Creek is a joyous experience. The stately dhow cruises regally on Dubai's famed creek, providing spectacular views of the city at night. The Dubai Creek is a lifeline for people during the day, but at night, it transforms into a sparkling river with old and new Dubai buildings on both sides, providing sights that are never seen during the day.


A dinner cruise is a great way to experience both the beauty that can only be seen from a boat and the comfort of a restaurant. When people go to restaurants, they usually speak about the view, but few eateries can equal the vista that we offer. You'll pass through the world-famous Dubai Marina, widely regarded as the world's most luxury marina, and then past the recently constructed Blue Water Island, home to the iconic Dubai Eye.

You can choose to cruise only or have a full course meal and access to a licensed bar while onboard. We are pleased to have a local entertainment crew that will bring some spice to the evening. The classic wooden dhow, which has been used as a principal shipping vehicle for decades, stands in stark contrast to the ultra-modern, almost futuristic views of Dubai Marina, creating a harmonious balance between the two.

By: Muhammad Hamza