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Indian Classical Forum

Indian Classical Forum | Just Dubai
Oct 31, 2019 - Nov 2, 2019 New World Private School Damascus Street, At Twar 1, Dubai

Indian Classical Forum From India With Love
Spreading the magic of Indian Classical art forms!
Showcasing the greatest music maestros and artists of India.

Venue : New World Private School Damascus Street, At Twar 1, Dubai

31St Oct7 pm - 10 pmSmt. Bombay Jayashri
1st Nov 10am - 1pmShri. J.A Jayanth
7pm - 10pmSmt. Aruna Sairam
2nd Nov7pm - 10pmSmt. Ranjani and Smt. Gayatri


''Bombay'' Jayashri Ramnath is an Academy Award (Oscar) nominated, Indian Carnaticmusic vocalist and music composer. She is a disciple of violin maestro Lalgudi Jayaraman.She has performed at various festivals and venues all across India and in over twentydifferent countries. In the US, she has performed at the World Music Institute NewYork; University of Arizona Tucson; University of Texas Austin; MIT Boston; Universityof Louisiana New Orleans; Cornell University and Amherst College.

Jayashri's Europe tours have included venues such as: Saddlers Wells and Queen ElizabethHall London; Festival of Sacred Voices and Museum Rietberg Switzerland; VantaaFestival and The Russian Opera House Helsinki, Finland; Thtre de la Ville, Festival of Nantes, The Museum of Sculpture and Arts, Musee des Asiatiques and Citi de la Musique in France; Casa da Musica a Porto Portugal; Sala de Camera Spain and at the University of Cologne.She has also performed at The Royal Opera House Durban, MonashUniversity Melbourne and Esplanade Theatre Singapore.


Padma Shri Aruna Sairam, regarded as the Music Ambassador of India, has successfully takenIndian music to the global arena. Her style, rooted in tradition, continuously evolves in thecontemporary and her repertoire includes classical, semi-classical and folk music forms and genresin several languages.Aruna Sairam has created and performed a dazzling range of South Indian classical music repertoirein varied spaces from intimate chamber settings and salon music concerts to large auditoria. Bycontinuously interacting with international musicians, Aruna communicates through music that goes beyond geographic borders, regional contexts and cultural mores. She uses melody as a language of basic and refined human expression. When on stage Aruna enters into another realm. The audience, while listening to her and watching her perform, experiences a timeless and spaceless sensation. Audiences pack her concerts. Her unique qualities render her music both virtuosic and memorable.

Aruna has performed South Indian vocal music internationally. She worked as a visiting professor at a German music conservatory where she taught South Indian music She was intrigued at the lack of awareness of her art form outside the subcontinent.

As of 2019, Sairam has recorded over 50 records and has undertaken various mentoring programmes. She is also the recipient of many national and international awards, includingthe Padma Shri and the US Congress Proclamation of Excellence.


The sisters have given vocal concerts since 1997, after they became studentsof Padma Bhushan Sangeeta Kala Acharya P. S. Narayanaswamy.

Their music, imbued with a deep and abiding classicism, has been described asan exhilarating blend of vitality, melody and emotion. Perfection of sruti (pitching),powerful voice control, rich imagination and impeccable aesthetics which reflectthe timeless values of classicism - these are some of the qualities that describethe music of Ranjani and Gayatri. Their concerts, which draw full houses acrossthe globe, resound with energy, freshness and emotional fervor. Audienceseagerly await and savor their in-depth Ragam-tanam-Pallavi-s, soul-stirringviruthams and lively abhangs which are special features of Ranjani - Gayatrisrepertoire. Ranjani and Gayatri have received multiple awards and recognitionsthroughout their career. In addition, various music personalities from all over Indiahave recognized their talent. Most recently, the sitar player of North India, BharatRatna Pandit Ravi Shankar, was so impressed by their singing that he organized aconcert of theirs in Delhi.

Renowned flautists who started as prodigies in their musical journeys, demonstratedconsummate artistry even in their formative years. J A Jayanth, at 26 years of age, is noexception.Born into a musical family, he was trained in the bamboo flute, since the tender age of five,from his grandfather and guru, late Kalaimamani Flute T. S. Sankaran, a Sangeeth NatakAcademy awardee himself and his grandmother, late vidwan V. S. Sundari, grounded himwell in vocal music.Driven by his divine in-born talent, deep passion and extensive training, Flute Jayanth gavehis maiden solo concert when he was just seven years old. Since then Jayanth hasperformed all around the world and collaborated with renowned musicians. He has alsowon numerous awards, including Kalki Krishnamurthy Memorial Award for 2018, The BestInstrumentalist Award seven times from the Madras Music Academy, The Bharat Ratna Dr.M. S. Subbalakshmi Fellowship from Sri Shanmukhananda Sabha Mumbai, and manymore.

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