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Is your tan not leaving? Here's assistance!

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I am a 11-year-old young lady. I have three issues: the first being that I used to nibble my nails a great deal, and this has left them in a terrible shape. I have beaten the frightful propensity now - yet would you be able to give me an answer for improve the state of my nails? I am likewise searching for a solution for my tan, which doesn't appear to leave. My last issue is that I have a great deal of pimples, both on my nose and my temple. They hurt a ton and I need to dispose of them. It would be ideal if you hit me up at the earliest opportunity. 

- Name retained 

Lemon juice is incredible for fortifying nails. Simply rub some onto your nails and leave medium-term. Tomato is a phenomenal skin cleaner and brightener so it can help with both your pimple issue just as your tan. Apply it like a veil; it makes certain to help control the spread of pimples and help the region as well. 

I am a 30-year-old mum with two children. As far back as I conceived an offspring four months prior, I have had a genuine hair fall and dandruff issue. I realize that numerous ladies experience hair fall after pregnancy, yet my case is by all accounts somewhat extraordinary. Up until now, I have attempted castor oil, olive oil and coconut oil with a touch of lemon in it however I can't dispose of the dandruff. Would you be able to please direct me on the best way to improve the nature of my hair with the goal that it is thick again, and to prevent it from falling? 

- Priya 

As you are experiencing both dandruff and hair fall, and are planning to get thick hair, allows first spotlight on your eating regimen. Keep in mind that it is essential to eat crisp, green vegetables consistently; ensure you are having adequate protein, fiber and iron-rich nourishments, just as drinking ten glasses of water day by day. For your excellence troubles, fenugreek, which is rich is protein, will be beneficial for you. Drench two tbsp of fenugreek medium-term. In the first part of the day, make a glue by blending it with yogurt (which is an incredible cleaner and conditioner) to get a smooth consistency. Back rub this into your scalp and wash off following 60 minutes. Do this three times each week - in a couple of months, you will see a surprising improvement in your hair's quality. 

I'm a 13-year-old young lady and have a great deal of hair on the back of my neck. I loathe it and need to dispose of it at the earliest opportunity. If it's not too much trouble help! 

- Name retained 

Make a glue by bubbling oats powder with water until it is of a thick consistency. Apply this to the back of your neck, and when semi-dry, neutralize the hair development. Oats powder will mellow the skin and its clingy consistency will dispose of the hair. 

Would you be able to give me a solution for help dim underarms and elbows? 

- Vini 

Potato juice has fading properties. Simply make slight cuts and rub this on the underarms and elbows and leave medium-term. This treatment ought to be done each night for best outcomes. 

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Strawberries for Lighter, Brighter Skin 

I'm a 16-year-old young lady and have my graduation function in April. It would be ideal if you give me a compelling home solution for help my skin tone, as my dim composition is influencing my fearlessness and I'd like to look great on the huge day. 

- Hiba 

Make an every day face veil by mixing strawberries and cream. This will help and light up the skin. April isn't excessively far away, so you better start utilizing the veil today itself.