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Food safety warning issued in UAE

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Adafsa additionally reminded the general public to eat products before their expiration date.

Heating plastic-wrapped food within the microwave could be harmful on your health, the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (Adafsa) has warned.

Chemicals in this type of plastic, it said, may leak into the meals while heated. It additionally advised against the use of aluminum foils in baking food in ovens.

The caution was part of the authority's new social media marketing campaign on meals safety, according to a nearby media report.

In the attention pressure it launched, Adafsa additionally reminded the public to devour products before their expiration date and save food gadgets in cool and dry areas, far from direct sunlight.

In preserving food in the fridge, make certain that it is well sealed and covered, it added. Hot or warm food must now not be located in the refrigerator, while defrosted ones should now not be frozen again.

The authority then careworn that chemicals and cleansing products have to be saved far from any food item.