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Dh108,000: Expat arrested in UAE for gold biscuits con

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The conman could entice jewellery shop proprietors to 'his' rental to complete the deal.

A 48-year-antique Asian man, who stole gold biscuits from jewellery shop proprietors, was arrested by the Sharjah Police. The police officers recovered gold biscuits well worth Dh108,400 from the arrested guy.

Brig Ibrahim Al Ajill, director of CID at Sharjah Police, stated the thief used to dupe the sufferers at Sharjah Central Souq via convincing them that he changed into interested in shopping for the gold biscuits.

He might ask the owners to accompany him to 'his' apartment to finish the deal and get the cash there, the top cop added.

The man could declare that he didn't need people to know that he changed into purchasing gold and also because he wanted his sister to check out the gold bars at home, he pointed out.

One of the victims instructed the police that the suspect took him to his rental in Al Qassimi area. There, the man requested the victim to hand him over the gold pieces, so he could display them to his sister inside. The victim waited for a long term for the person to return, most effective to recognize that he had vanished with the gold.

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He immediately referred to as the police, who swung into motion and formed a team. The police officers reviewed the cameras within the market and identified him. The police released a search operation and nabbed the thief in a brief time. During interrogation, he confessed to the crime and stated he changed into making plans to escape the us of a the same day. He also surpassed over all of the stolen goods to the police, who gave them back to their proprietors. The man was mentioned the public prosecution.

Brig Al Ajill said: "Even though the suspect tried to apply a new technique to trap the sufferers to a vicinity that isn't always included through security surveillance, the police diagnosed the man, monitored his moves and pounced on his whereabouts."

He entreated the owners of shops buying and selling in gold and jewelry, or luxurious and treasured items to stick to the triumphing laws in the us of a, and not to fall prey to prowling swindlers and con-men.