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Dubai is Calling | Visit these 12 mind-boggling places to make your vacation more memorable

Visit these 12 mind-boggling places to make your vacation more memorable

Dubai is one of the most liberal of all emirates in the Middle East. According to The Business Intelligence & Reporting - Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing 2017, Dubai has witnessed over 1.6 million international tourists in 2017 and is expected to increase to 1.73 million by 2018 end. Indians (12%) and Western Europeans (24%) visit Dubai in majority. Dubai was ranked 7th world's most visited cities by international tourists that have visited Dubai according to a survey conducted by Euromonitor in 2009

The reason for Dubai’s popularity is based mainly on shopping and this city has been nicknamed the "shopping capital of the Middle East." The city draws large numbers of shopping tourists from across the globe. Dubai is known for its souk districts. Souk is the Arabic word for market. For varied interests in shopping, the city boasts of modern shopping malls, boutiques and the Dubai Duty Free Shops at Dubai International Airport.

If shopping isn’t enough to compel you to pack up your bags, here are the top 12 things to do in Dubai.

Burj Al Arab

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Overlooking the Persian Gulf from its perch between Jumeirah Beach and the Palm Islands, this stunning building has flabbergasted architecture buffs since it opened in 1999. Its curved glass façade appears to look like the form of a sail. It shelters a world-class, luxurious hotel located on its first man-made island (before Palm Jumeirah). The hotel not only houses the tallest atrium in the world at nearly 600 feet high, but it is one of the tallest hotels in the world. Apart from its superior architecture, this marvel boasts of grand amenities which include revolving beds in executive suites. In case you thought arriving via a complimentary Rolls-Royce was too pedestrian, you can arrive at the helipad. Those who aren't crashing at the hotel can still gain entry by grabbing a bite at one of the on-site restaurants. But if you have the money, we strongly recommended that stay you stay at this lap of luxury for at least a night.

Dubai Mall

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The visit to the massive Dubai Mall is every shopper’s paradise. It is the largest shopping centre in the world and houses a whopping 1,200 stores. The mall also contains numerous entertainment facilities, such as an ice rink, a movie theatre and several kid-friendly attractions, including an aquarium that houses more than 35,000 underwater creatures. If you happen to be visit it at night, do stop by the Dubai Fountain outside of the mall. Created by those who designed the Bellagio's famous dancing fountains, the fountain features nightly shows set to a blend of western and eastern musical themes.

Many travellers recommend that you pick up a map before you explore the mall, because this mall is a labyrinth.


Burj Khalifa

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Although we don't recommend experiencing it the way Tom Cruise did in "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol," the Burj Khalifa is a crucial item on any Dubai agenda. This towering giant proudly holds the title of "world's tallest building", rising 2,716.5 feet above the city (that's 160 stories). But that's not the only title this tower's got. The Burj Khalifa is also the tallest free-standing structure in the world and home to the highest outdoor observation deck in the world. You can also indulge in an authentic Italian cuisine during a 3 course meal at the Armani Deli and have an enthralling experience of a 360 degree view of the city skyline. ...[ Continue to next page ]  /  Source: omanday