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Un-chap your lips

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My lips are constantly dried out and dry. Aside from Vaseline, is there a characteristic cure I can apply? Noorain 

Coconut cream or unadulterated ghee are superb for dried out and dry lips, peeling the dry skin and making your lips smooth. 

Roughly to what extent does it take to fix old pimple marks with tomato juice? Sidiqa 

Each skin type is unique, so results may change. However, this treatment can take at any rate a month to create results. Tomatoes are compelling in helping blemishes on the skin. For speedy fix, utilize this treatment two times every day. 

My little girl is four-and-a-half years old and has satiny hair, yet it is extremely slim. Might you be able to please recommend an approach to thicken her hair? Name retained 

Castor oil has demonstrated to be the best common approach to thicken hair. Continuously warm the oil before applying and weaken it with either coconut or almond oil, as these are very supporting and lead to sound hair. 

I as of late saw that I have some skin inflammation on my back. My skin has been very smooth up until this point and I'm truly worried that these pimples will leave scars on my back. What would it be a good idea for me to do? Maria 

Tamarind is very cooling and furthermore helps marks. Make a thick glue of tamarind blended with certain oats powder and apply this to your back. Enable it to dry for at any rate 60 minutes - you may leave it on medium-term, on the off chance that you like - before washing. Do this ordinarily for best outcomes. Oats function admirably as a skin relaxing and smoothening specialist. 

I am an adolescent with upper lip hair and a ton of pimples/heats up that appear to go back and forth, in spite of the fact that they are not because of skin break out. I additionally have body hair that I might want to dispose of. It would be ideal if you help! Name retained 

For your bubbles, include one tablespoon of rice starch to a teaspoon of rice powder and a large portion of a teaspoon of corn flour; blend with a little water to make a glue. Apply this to your pimples/bubbles and facial hair. Permit to get and scour dry tenderly. Do this consistently for best outcomes. For your body hair, you could build the amount of a similar glue and pursue a similar treatment. Rice starch sheds, firms the pores and mitigates the skin. Corn flour smoothens the skin while rice flour works extraordinary as a scour.