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Dispose of pimples with cinnamon and nectar

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I have a rundown of issues I need assistance with: 1) My sibling, 17, has scars on his cheeks and temple; 2) My mom, 37, has pores on her cheeks; 3) I am 14, and have a great deal of skin inflammation and scars on my brow and clogged pores on my nose that don't leave effectively. Kindly recommend some home solutions for each of the three issues. 

- Anam 

For the primary issue, aloe vera gel applied and left medium-term will help mend your sibling's skin, and clear the scars. Second, your mother's open pores can be diminished by applying tomato purée every day; leave on for an hour and wash with virus water; additionally, she should sprinkle chilled water all over as frequently as would be prudent. For your very own concern, make a cover utilizing cinnamon powder, nectar and a couple of drops of tea tree oil; apply this veil once per day - wash following 30 minutes with virus water. This will clear clogged pores, and treat skin break out and scars as well. 

I'm 15, and have dark circles under my eyes. I additionally have skin break out all over. It would be ideal if you propose some normal cures. 

- Name retained 

Dark circles can be helped by putting utilized tea sacks or potato eye cushions on the zone, twice day by day. Skin inflammation can be treated by applying a mint veil every day; it will cool the skin and clear the skin break out. Evade hot, hot, slick nourishments, and drink 8 to 10 glasses of water day by day. 

I am 33, and have disregarded myself for around 10 years while I was caught up with bringing up my children. I have skin inflammation pits, uneven skin tone and dull skin. I get pimples on the off chance that I apply any cream. I have insufficient eyebrows and eyelashes, and diminishing, turning gray hair. My weight is 55kg, perfect for my 5' 5" tallness, yet my face is slim and I have dull eyes. I looked matured. If it's not too much trouble help! 

- Tahmina 

For skin inflammation pits: take cornflour and rice powder, and include egg white; apply this all over, and when dry, delicately clean skin in roundabout movement. Flush with virus water. Do this every day. This will likewise give skin an even tone and add shading to it. Stay away from creams in the event that they cause pimples; rather, utilize a conditioning veil like a cucumber cover that psychologists pores. Castor oil adds body to lashes and eyebrows, and furthermore adds completion to hair. Day by day practicing improves flow, so hair quality can improve as well. I would suggest a last flush with dark tea, which ought to be left to dry on your hair: this helps coat the grays steadily. Attempt yoga; in a couple of months, you will look young. 

My hair smells and it might be a result of dandruff. I've done aloe vera-based medications in the parlor in the past to clear my scalp, yet the dandruff consistently returns. What is a successful treatment to keep the scalp clean over the long haul? 

- Yashwini 

Sprinkle heating soft drink in each hair separating, and leave on for 60 minutes. At that point, flush the scalp tenderly - this will steadily lift the dandruff and clear the smell. Pursue with your standard cleanser. Do this each time you cleanser. 

My skin gets truly dry constantly, regardless of what number of creams I use. What would i be able to do? 

- Neena 

Make a cover of almond and sesame powder, add it to yogurt or coconut milk, and nectar. Apply on your skin, and scour off when it dries. Do this thrice seven days. There might be different purposes behind dry skin - like, in the event that you are on substantial prescription or if your eating regimen is deficient in supporting nourishments like nuts, oils, eggs, fish and so forth. You have to likewise drink at any rate 1.5 liters 

of water day by day and pursue an activity routine.