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Dubai to deploy 94 deluxe eco-friendly buses on 17 routes

Dubai, Deluxe eco-friendly buses,  Duabi Road & Transport Authority

At least 94 fuel-efficient and low-carbon emission midibuses will soon be deployed by Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to serve 17 routes, including 9 new routes that do not require the operation of large buses, the RTA announced on Saturday.

"The delivery of the new batch of buses is part of RTA's masterplan to improve public transport in Dubai and keep pace with the top international standards. Our objective is to deliver best-in-class services to public transport commuters and match the sustained growth in the number of riders," said Mattar Al Tayer, RTA director-general and chairman of the board of executive directors.


"The new buses will be deployed on 17 routes: 8 existing routes and 9 new routes highlighted by metro link buses routes, low-demand routes, and routes serving residential areas which do not require the operation of large buses," he added.

According to the RTA, the British-manufactured Optare buses can accommodate 32-seated passengers and 9 standees while 8 seats were fitted with adjustable safety belts and one seat is designated for "people of determination."

The buses are made of semi-stainless-steel body, and the design of front wheels creates more room for riders. They have low-floor door for the entry of 'people of determination' and deluxe interior finishing plus white LED destination boards, internet service (Wi-Fi) and USB charging ports.

The RTA said the buses are compatible with the European Emission Standards (Euro 5), which are light in weight and low on fuel consumption.

The introduction of the new buses is also aligned with RTA's efforts to make public transport the ideal choice of mobility in Dubai, and raise the percentage of public transport journeys to 26 percent by 2030.

"The new buses will serve new districts and widen the geographical
coverage of public transport in Dubai, increase the occupancy rate, and enhance multi-modal integration," the RTA added.

 /  Source: Khaleej Times